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An Award WinningTeam

From an award-winning production team with a wealth of experience covering a broad range of genres. Over the last 15 years we have produced innovative content covering a range of programs in Fitness Instruction, Historical programming, Factual entertainment, Art’s & Dance performance and children instructional based entertainment.  

If you are interested in learning more about this side of our business please get in touch. Our programs have sold throughout the world.

We have over 20 years of experience of producing award-winning top-quality fitness and well-being programming. We have always sort to work with real fitness professionals who have a true passion for their given subject matter. We have set our standards high and have always striven to keep our fitness programs innovative and fresh. Sometimes choosing to film them on location on an exotic beach or in a warehouse studio apartment in London, we always strive to make sure the program holds the viewer’s attention. We also in sure that the instruction is clear , easy to follow and motivating. In the majority of our programs the fitness artist supplies their verbal direction as a voice over allowing the artist to then focus her attention during the workout to focus on the posture, exercise and movement. 


We have created a fitness brand called ‘fitforlife’ as our fitness umbrella which allows us to explore a broad range of fitness themes including but not limited to Yoga, Pilates, Gymball, Boxaerobics,  Circuit Training plus a broad range of Dance orientated workouts to cover popular themes such as Ballet and Latin.


fitforlife is a brand you can trust. A brand that has a wealth of experience in this field. The fitforlife brand is there to provide you with the tools to enhance your life and to make you feel better about yourself. 

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